How we’re becoming more sustainable.

We care about our environment and the wider community of Sutton Coldfield. Here’s what we’re doing to give back to the world around us and our local neighbourhoods.

The Environment

We have welcomed some new additions to Princess Alice Retail Park by installing our very own “bird boxes” and “bug hotels”, using recycled materials, that will help us contribute to our local biodiversity.

The bug hotels will use a variety of materials, both natural and manmade, to create a playground for our insect friends. We’ll expect to see populations of ladybirds, bumblebees and woodlice joining the colony – all of who will be able to escape from predators and even hibernate in the hotel.

We have also planted wildflower gardens at the retail park and look forward to seeing them in full bloom in Spring 2022.

These installations will bring more wildlife to the area, encouraging local species of butterflies, bees and birds to visit more urban settings.

We care about protecting our planet.

What our stores are doing

Beyond our own sustainability drive, our stores are operating heaps of initiatives that are helping both the environment and the communities around where their stores are located. Here’s just a few of the things they’re doing…

Boots UK removed 270+ metric tonnes of plastic from their own holiday gift product lines. That’s almost the weight of three space shuttles (before they enter space)!
Key materials which usually would cause large amounts of waste are recycled and diverted from landfill. In 2019 over 108 tonnes of coathangers were recycled. That’s the equivalent weight of 366 VW Beetles.
Curry’s/PC World are now rewarding customers that make greener choices. The initiative means that customers who choose select greener products will be rewarded with things like free delivery, installation and recycling of old products
M&S are committed to reducing food waste by 2030 and ensure all edible food is redistributed to local charity partners. At M&S Sutton Coldfield, the store has connected with “The Covid Response Kitchen” where they donate 600 items a week.
Mountain Warehouse are phasing out the use of virgin plastic carrier bags and replacing with bags made of 100%  recycled content, saving 196.5 tonnes of virgin plastic entering the market, equating to 16 compacted garbage truck loads.
Greggs has a proud reputation of giving back and support a number of charities including the Greggs Foundation which aims to build stronger, healthier communities in areas where Greggs operate. The Greggs Breakfast Club programme, set up by the foundation, provides over 7 million free wholesome breakfasts each year to children in over 600 primary schools.
Costa Coffee are on a journey to deliver more sustainable innovative solutions for all its packaging. Since May 2018 , Costa has collected and recycled 155 million paper cups from its stores.
KFC have a goal to be a fully circular, zero waste business by 2035. This means every single bucket, box and piece of packaging used in each of the restaurants is recyclable or compostable by 2025.